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The science Olympiad is a national event that fosters scientific curiosity. Our school has participated at the regional competition for the past 10 years. The regional competition consists of roughly 20 events from topics in earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Some of the events involve building/testing things like a trebuchet, a music instrument, a robot, or an ultralight rubber band powered airplane. Other events involve using the knowledge of a specific aspect of science such as forensics or molecular biology.



       Marble notebook (50-100 pages will be fine)



 Your grade for each marking period will be based on the following:

          Projects = about 50 %

          Notebook = about 50 %



Classroom behavior should be based on courtesy and mutual respect.  Rules for attendance and behavior are clearly stated in the districtís current Code of Conduct. I expect you to come to class on time and be prepared to work.


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