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REGENTS CHEMISTRY                           




        Large binder (2-3 inches).

        Scientific Calculator



You are required to:

(a)  turn in a signed safety contract before you participate in laboratory activities.

(b) know the laboratory safety regulations and follow them at all times.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the lab.

(c)  Successfully complete all labs for this course and turn in satisfactory lab reports. There will be a penalty for late lab reports. Unsatisfactory reports will have to be rewritten and resubmitted.  Labs can be made up within 5 school days only if you were legally absent on the lab day.  Please do not schedule music lessons during lab periods unless you check with the instructor first.



Classroom behavior should be based on courtesy and mutual respect.  Rules for attendance and behavior are clearly stated in the districtís current Code of Conduct. I expect you to come to class on time and be prepared to work.



All tests will be announced at least three days in advance.  Make-up tests will be given in the event of a legal absence only. Tests must be made up within 5 school days.



I am available after school most days for extra help. Please let me know if you plan to attend as I may have a parent conference or other obligation. You should take advantage of extra help if you have any concerns on a particular topic.



Marking period grades will be determined based on the following:

       Tests & Quizzes = 60 %

       Laboratory = 30 %

       Homework = 10 %



Your final grade for this course will be calculated as follows:

        Each Marking Period = 18.2 %

        Midterm Exam= 9.0 %

        Regents Exam = 18.2 %


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